SFF’s Material Change of Biblical Proportions.

In a recent letter to the Fishing News, Fishing for Leaves retired chairman, Sandy Patience, highlighted the unprecedented about turn of the Scottish Fishermen’s Federation. 

A Federation who never, in 20years, campaigned for Brexit whilst deriding FAL, SBF and Fishing for Leave who carried the baton of freedom from the EU for the industry alone.

SFF’s Material Change of Biblical Proportions.

At the recent SFF Annual Dinner, in his speech to the 100 guests attending, Bertie Armstrong  stated that in the post Brexit era there will be ”a material change of Biblical proportions … “a sea of opportunity” for the fishing industry.

Would this be the same SFF which did not support Save Britain’s Fish and  FAL in their fight for withdrawal from the CFP and restoration of National control from 1990 – 2015?

The same SFF which during the EU Referendum campaign decided to sit on the fence whilst it was left to Fishing For Leave to fight the battle on the industry’s behalf?

Or do we now have a real Damascene conversion of an organisation which for the past 20 years has been so totally out of touch with the reality of the Common Fisheries Policy?

Maybe some admission of humility would serve the industry better rather than all the self praise since the vote for Brexit.

Yours Sincerely

A.J.Patience  Ex Chair of The Fishermen’s Association Ltd and FFL.