In a damaging revelation, which will but huge pressure on coastal & Scots Tory MPs to follow through on voting down the deal, it was confirmed by Michel Barnier’s deputy Sabine Weyand that Britain “would have to swallow a link between access to products and fisheries in future agreements” after the Transition period as part of a deal.

We are apoplectic at this news but feel fully vindicated.

As we have forewarned for 12 months, re-obeying all EU law in a transition, followed by becoming a vassal state under Chequers, would not be temporary but lead to being bound in perpetuity.

Mrs May has conceded to continued regulatory alignment coveted in fluffy language of a ‘level playing field’.

As Mr Barnier’s deputy has helpfully confirmed this will be used as the basis of the ongoing future relationship and that access to products and fisheries will be linked – meaning continuation of Britain’s obedience to the CFP.

Fishing for Leave have continually warned that re-obeying EU law allows the EU to enforce detrimental laws to massacre what’s left of the British fleet. This would allow the EU to cite international law (UNCLOS – Article 62.2) to claim the “surplus” resources Britain would no longer have the fleet to catch.

Given this it makes what’s happening an even more woeful, abject betrayal of Britain’s struggling fishing and coastal communities along with every promise. It is reprehensible by Mrs May to do this whilst making Britain some whipped EU colony.

Yet again the establishment will sacrifice British fishing even when it could automatically be repatriated by a clean Brexit and be a £6-8bn industry – making it more significant than cars.

Not only is Mrs May sacrificing the fishermen along with her own coastal and Scot’s MPs but also the Union – not just through Northern Ireland but the eradication of Conservatives in Scotland on the back of betraying fishing would create a fresh mandate for another independence referendum.

Scottish Conservatives along with other MPs vowed to resign and vote down a deal that betrayed fishing – this deal manages to do that along with the whole of Britain”.

Being a free, sovereign nation after the short term of separation is a far bigger boom than staying shackled as a vassal state to a failed EU we voted to Leave.

On this moment MPs and cabinet will determine if a 1000years of British independence is finally extinguished by the EU despite Brexit with massive harmful repercussions for the country and our industry as part of it.

We now ask Scottish Conservatives and all other MPs to now come out loud and clear that No deal is better than a bad deal and that they will stand up for Britain and Brexit to save Britain including our fishing.

Those who have the guts to do so will have the support and gratitude of Brexiteers and the country for generations to come.