FINAL DEAL: Transition & Chequers STILL the deal! Finalizing a stinker of a deal doesn’t make it stink less!

The Final issues on May’s Deal are now resolved to (we guess) the EU’s satisfaction – we hope it’s not yet more capitulation.

It is vital to remember that the disastrous Transition & Chequers everyone was horrified by is STILL the deal no matter what lipstick Downing Street spin onto a pig!

Resolving the final 5% of a stinker doesn’t make it stink less!

The Transition still means obeying ALL EU law, allowing the EU to enforce detrimental laws to massacre what’s left of the British fleet. This would allow the EU to cite international law (UNCLOS – Article 62.2) to claim the “surplus” resources Britain would no longer have the fleet to catch.

If Mrs May has capitulated to EU demands to sacrifice fishing for this deal it is even more reprehensible. MPs in coastal constituencies and beyond will be massacred.

Being a free, sovereign nation after the short term of separation is a far bigger boom than staying shackled as a vassal state to a failed EU we voted to Leave.

On this moment MPs and cabinet will determine if a 1000years of British independence is finally extinguished by the EU despite Brexit with massive harmful repercussions for the country and our industry as part of it.

It’s vital MPs stick by No Deals Better than this Bad Deal & chuck chequers to Stand Up for Brexit and Save Britain’s Fish.

Those who do will have the support and gratitude of Brexiteers and the country both now and for generations to come.