Thank God! Theresa May’s Dire Deal Defeated (again)!

Thank God! Theresa May’s Dire Deal Defeated (again)!

The Spanish Armada – 1588
The Luftwaffe             – 1940
Trafalgar                      – 1805
Theresa May               – 2019

The United Kingdom of Great Britain AND Northern Ireland escapes to live & fight another day.

We now fervently hope Mrs May won’t! Has there been a more duplicitous Prime Minister who has promised one course of action – “No deal better than a bad deal”, “leaving the Single market, customs union and ECJ” –  but who has tried to do the opposite by manipulating the country to  Brexit In Name Only?

We have avoided such a Brexit In Name Only that would have seen Britain permanently trapped under the terms of the dire Withdrawal Agreement. Those who sadly voted for the deal for any form of Brexit miss that the Withdrawal Agreement is no Brexit at all, such are the constraints it imposes to bind Britain as tightly to the EU as before.

Theresa May’s being summoned to Strasbourg felt like a sickening national humiliation as she was escorted in, summoned like a broken nation beaten in war. How did the fifth world economy, second military power in NATO and such a great, proud and stubborn undefeated nation end up led to the point of paying £39bn to surrender to being a vassal state?

Theresa May’s emergence to proclaim “legal changes” was yet more semantics as she avoided saying “secured legal changes to the backstop” as parliament and the Brady amendment demanded she do.

The ‘legal changes’ that were secured created even more leverage for EU to squash Britain into being a customs union satellite, securing only additional assurances to what MPs demanded was removed.

As the Attorney General has stated – giving further proof of the PMs duplicity – there is still no way out. The Brady amendment hasn’t been used. The Backstops is still there. The rest of the Withdrawal Agreement is still dire.

It left MPs with no obligation to vote for something that hasn’t respected or found the changes that were conditional for support. We praise every MP who stood firm to vote such a supplicating agreement down. It beggars belief that apparently Theresa May and her team at No.10 are considering trying to bludgeon parliament to vote for this deal a third time!

Even if the inescapability of the Backstop was resolved it does not detract from the deal being nearly universally terrible in all other facets – any changes would have been a sticky plaster to a gunshot wound.

For fishing the Withdrawal Agreement is a particularly existential threat. It meant re-obeying the CFP for upto a 4 year Transition. Having to swallow any detrimental legislation the EU imposed to cull what is left of the British fleet. The EU has every incentive as under international law (UNLOS 62.2) if a nation no longer has the fleet capacity to catch its own resources it must give the surplus to its neighbours.

The Withdrawal Agreement – even without the Backstop – obliged the EU and UK to ratify during the Transition the subsequent Future Relationship based on “current access and quota shares” under the principle of “non-discrimination” (the basis of equal access to a common resource) and negotiated away as part of the “wider future economic partnership”. In effect CFP associate membership with provision for even more of a sell out in the wider dealings.

The Backstop provides the EU with ultimate leverage, as failure to agree such Future Relationship terms meant the UK would be shoveled into the Backstop. The only way out would be to agree the Future Relationship terms. The Withdrawal Agreement is therefore a triple lock turkey trap for fishing.

To really stick the knife in the Backstop says that if the UK still will not yield on fisheries then the EU can close its markets – something the industry would rather have than be in the CFP but which politicians would easily cave in to.

Therefore, for fishing or the wider country, there is no patriotic, practical or principled reason why any MPs should tolerate this deal any further.  Nor should they be bowed by hollow threats of No Brexit. Something the Withdrawal Agreement ensures anyway.

MPs now MUST vote to not remove No Deal and to Not vote for a debilitating extension that continues this farcical merry-go-round of trying to bludgeon through a Withdrawal Agreement no one can stomach.

No Deal is the default, parliament can vote against No Deal every day – it makes no difference.
An Extension would make the UK more of a supplicant to the EU and would undermine democracy by failing to honour the repeated promise that we would leave and do so on the 29th of March.

The third option that MUSTN’T happen is that the PM goes ‘tonto’ and stops Brexit by; rescinding Article 50; asking the EU for an extension to do so; and for parliament to repeal all Withdrawal legislation. Such actions would ignite this country.

It is not MPs duty to sell out Britain to an extension or Mays deal on the third time of askingto hold back a PM from such kamikaze action.

MPs must also not countenance the disgraceful actions of hard-line Remainers who are working feverishly to let parliament usurp control of government from the executive. Doing so to kill Brexit, and the huge opportunity it presents to industries and communities such as fishing, would smash our country’s democratic constitution!

It would reduce Britain to over-lordship by an autocratic gaggle of remain MPs, destroying what 1000s fought for in the 1600s and defended for generations after – to live under representative government we elect and control – essentially what Brexit is about.

Taking an instruction by the British people for restoration of such government from un-elected bureaucrats and then to lurch to even less democratic government under those bureaucrats and remain MPs in thrall to them, would be a constitutional bomb. We beseech MPs not to let it happen

Such action would have terrible consequences and would only postpone the inevitability of Brexit.

Brexit will never die. It is not a short-term aberration because of the referendum, but a long term uprising. The pressure of which forced a referendum which gave expression to the discontent with the EU which the political class had ignored or maligned.

MPs derailing Brexit would be a clear refusal to obey the clear instructions given from British voters and would amount to the parliamentary class telling voters to get stuffed. It would be a clear violation of democratic accountability and government by consent.

Conservatives and Labour voting for Brexit In Name Only (BRINO) on a third go at the Withdrawal Agreement; extending Brexit to thwart it; or revoking Article 50 to cancel Brexit will lead to both parties being marmalised at subsequent elections. With the British people electing a government that wants to leave.

MPs either accept we Leave peacefully now on the 29th of March or leave in a democratic shitstorm.

We ask them to accept the British peoples decision. We ask all supporters to keep lobbying your MP to do so. It is why Fishing for Leave will be supporting the March to Leave to keep the pressure on MPs to see us across the line on the 29th of March and to embrace the opportunity Brexit represent.