This Is More Than Personality or Party Politics – It’s About The Survival of Britain

Fishing for Leave commend Conservative MPs having the conviction and courage to trigger a leadership challenge.

It is regrettable for the functioning and credibility of our parliamentary democracy it has had to come to this.

Fishing for Leave have no party or political allegiance – we want to completely leave the EU to restore our countries sovereignty and with that the ability to safeguard our industry, communities and heritage.

That is why, regrettably, a leadership challenge is necessary against a PM that has misled parliament & the people regards leaving the EU.

MPs must remember this defining political issue goes above personality or party politics. It is about trust in democratic politics by fulfilling leaving the EU, the single market, the customs union and ECJ.

Mrs May’s dire deal clearly fails to deliver this. The Withdrawal Agreement – even excluding the Backstop – is an aberration that delivers the opposite of leaving.

We instantaneously re-join and re-obey EU law in May’s post-Brexit deal for upto 4 years and pay £39bn+ merely for the privilege of talking about a possible trading relationship.

The Backstop is just the maggots in the rotting corpse – giving the EU a tool to lever Britain into a dire future relationship or become captive in the backstop.

Mrs May has orchestrated a deal that doesn’t deliver Brexit. Has misled parliament and the people about its consequences. Has sought to smoke screen her way to Brexit In Name Only whilst holding the people and their parliament in contempt.

She and her sycophants (who are trying to thwart Brexit across party political divides) are shaking the trust in our political constitution to the core.

For the British people like us in a British industry, we (along with millions of others) made it clear what we wanted our future to be. Parliament has tried to obfuscate on Brexit to render it meaningless.

Those MPs in the governing party having the guts to stick their neck out are not saboteurs. They are courageously standing up for what was voted for and in doing so also putting the sanctity of our parliamentary constitution above party or personal loyalties.

Had the Europhile establishment behind Mrs May not tried to thwart the democratic mandate there would have been no need for them to do so – they are the courageous reaction not the cause.

For the sake of our industry, our sovereignty and the democratic politics we hope to preserve living under, we hope other MPs have the same integrity.

This is no longer about the survival of a Prime Minister. It is about the survival of Britain.

And this Prime Minister, by her dishonesties, by her treasons and by secret treaties with foreign powers has shown herself to be ill fitted to govern this great nation.