The judgement of the European Court of Justice (ECJ) – that the notification to leave the EU under the Article 50 procedure can unilaterally be revoked by a member state  – changes little on Brexit.

All the legislation necessary for the United Kingdom to leave is already in place. Parliament has passed the Article 50 Notification Act and the EU Withdrawal Act 2018. The 2018 Act will revoke the European Communities Act 1972 and severe our ties and obedience to the EU.

All the ECJ judgement does is provide the ability for a remain minded executive and parliament, in cahoots with the wider Europhile establishment, to overturn both these acts of parliament. In doing so revoking Brexit without the permission of the EU or the British people.

If they do so it would spit on the biggest democratic mandate in British history. One that was endorsed a second time in the manifestos of both main political parties at the 2017 General Election. The largest party’s manifesto said the UK would leave the single market, leave the customs union and leave the ECJ – it couldn’t have been clearer.

Is the Europhile political establishment brave enough, and fanatical enough in their devotion to the EU, to overturn this and in doing so put a knife through democratic legitimacy in this country? Especially considering current events in France?

The timing of this announcement is blatantly being used to try to stampede wavering MPs into voting for Mrs May’s dire deal. Using the the false narrative that it is her deal or no Brexit.

This is total manipulation and distortion of the legal situation. Mrs Mays deal is not needed to fulfil Brexit. That has already been done with the EU Withdrawal Act 2018. MPs can reject Mrs Mays deal tomorrow and the UK can stand up and leave the punishment beating negotiations the day after.

We do not have to wait to leave until the end of the 2 years Article 50 time-frame – we can walk away on Wednesday by invoking the 2018 Act to terminate the ECA 1972.

Mrs May’s worst deal in history is not part of leaving. It is the future deal AFTER we leave. A future deal where we pay £39bn+ but don’t even get a trade deal.

What her deal gets is upto 4 years of re-obeying all EU law in a Transition period. During which the UK either agrees to the draft Future Relationship terms or gets shoveled into a Backstop that partitions the UK. A Backstop which we cannot unilaterally leave and which the only way to escape the backstop is to agree the Future Relationship.

In other words, Mrs Mays post Brexit deal means we leave the EU but are straight into a total turkey trap. One where the EU can dictate terms or shovel the UK into being a subservient vassal state that cannot escape the backstop.

The will of the British people is clear. Even the official remain campaign admitted that the political nature of the British people is to be free of the EU and that they struggled to sell any case for the EU that could over-ride that sentiment.

The referendum showed that the political establishment (much to their amazement) is totally at odds with the people. They either accept this and change, or plough on with their personal prejudices and shake this country to its core. Are Remainers brave enough to go where France is headed?

It is clear what must be done to maintain 328 years of constitutional peace since the settlement of the Glorious Revolution in 1690.

MPs must reject Mrs Mays dire post-Brexit deal and thereafter the government (having bent over backwards) must say to the EU we have had enough and walk away from Article 50 negotiations. Trigger the EU Withdrawal Act 2018 and revoke the ECA 1972 in doing so – severing our membership of the EU one and for all.

The UK will then be entirely free to chart our own destiny with our liberty and sovereignty fully restored. This is the main Brexit prize we knew we were voting for no matter what the individuals main subject – freedom.

The focus has become a technocratic argument on trade. This misses it was that outlined above that drove the Brexit vote and what it was about – liberty and self-determination – taking back control.

Trade has gone on and changed for 1000s of years and will continue to do so. In fifty years, the global trading relationships and arrangements of today will be long forgotten and changed.

The UK walking away to a clean Brexit will start from a baseline of global WTO trading rules. Rules which the rest of the world trades on quite happily. Arrangements with which the UK (as part of the EU) does the majority of our trade currently.

A mythical apocalypse on trade is being manipulated to batter down what Brexit is about – self-determination and being free, independent and sovereign to do so unencumbered by the EU political project.

Any short-term disruption to trade is surely as worth that independence and sovereignty. Just as it was in the disruption caused by wars when we fought to maintain 1000 years of independence in our island home.

By following the Remain campaign propaganda logic – where avoiding trade disruption is the cause above all others – then Britain should have not fought the Spanish armada, Napoleon, the Kaiser or Hitler. We know what everyone’s answer to those would be.

MPs must not be brow beaten into accepting Mays dire post-Brexit deal or into revoking Brexit all together.
Otherwise they will be taking this country (and them as being responsible for it) to a dark place that will make what is happening in France look like a picnic.