In his piece in the Press and Journal Boris Johnson is absolutely correct! The Withdrawal Agreement is an existential threat to what’s left of the British fleet.

The disastrous Transition period where, Britain re-obeys all EU law post Brexit, means the EU will be free to enforce any laws to cull our fleet.

The EU have every reason, as under international law (UNCLOS 62.2) if a nation can’t catch its own resources it must give the surplus to its neighbours.

If our fleet survives the length of up to a 4 year Transition it’s clear the EU will try to lever Britain into legally agreeing the draft Future Relationship terms.

These say fisheries should be based on the same ‘existing (dire) access and fisheries shares’ and run under the principle of ‘non-discrimination’ – which is the founding principle of equal access to a common resource. Effectively we are being set up to be ensnared in CFP associate membership.

If Britain won’t surrender to the Future Relationship terms by 2020 then we are automatically shoveled into the Backstop.

The Backstop who’s terms the attorney general confirmed we cannot unilaterally leave and which the only way we can escape is if we agree to the Future Relationship terms – it’s a total turkey trap.

Mr Macron and the EU have made clear they will fight to retain fishing share and access by beating Britain with the Backstop.

The EU are desperate to do so given the EU fleet catches 60% of Britain’s fish and EU markets take over half of the 40% Britain catches herself.

The loss of British waters would make EU markets totally dependent on, and at the mercy of, British supply which is also in huge demand internationally.

We must take back a £6-8bn industry to rejuvenate our coastal communities. The only way for that to be squandered is if Mrs Mays dire deal is not voted down.

Sycophantic Scots Tory MPs – with the notable and honorable exception of Ross Thomson –  who are backing the deal (whilst hiding from reality in Downing streets pocket) say we’ll be officially an independent coastal state, but that means nothing if an officially independent Britain signs this dire deal that makes us an EU satellite.

Mays deal blows all ministerial and Scots Tory promises out the water and will cost those Scots MPs their seats and the Union they say they hold dear with it.

It’s a total turkey trap that leads to CFP associate membership either way.

Maybe that is why the Scottish FIshermen’s Federation who wouldn’t back Brexit for decades support the deal..?

It delivers a Brexit In Name Only to keep the troops happy –  just like Mrs Mays deal they support was meant to do if it all wasn’t so see through. Again we ask the SFF (and the 12 Scots Tories) – what price to sell the country and the industry short?

Ditch the Deal!

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