Fishermen Incandescent With Rage As EU Demands Fishing Rights in British waters for all-UK Brexit Backstop

Fishermen Incandescent With Rage As EU Demands Fishing Rights in British waters for all-UK Brexit Backstop

The breaking news that the EU now demands continued unfettered access to fish in British waters post-Brexit, in exchange for the much maligned Chequers deal, has been greeted with incandescent rage by FFLs fishermen and Brexiteers alike.

Currently, Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) rules stipulate that member states submit their waters to a common EU pot, governed under the principle of ‘equal access to a common resource’ rules.

This policy combined with EU quota rules, which force fishermen to discard species they do not have quota for, combined with EU catch shares which award other member states 75% of resources whilst Britain provides 50% of the waters and catches, have long been maligned by fishermen and leave campaigners.

The announcement of a continuation of these rules during the Transition period sparked protests in ports nationwide in April. Recently, Scottish Conservatives, along with other MPs, have declared they would vote down any deal which extended the continuation of the CFP any further.

If Mrs May and her sycophantic cabinet and MPs cave into this demand then they will be slaughtered in constituencies nationwide. Given her current supine performance to date we see nothing to suggest she and her government won’t.

The EU is now ‘cherry picking’, but it is how weak the government has been that has encouraged the EU to think they can rub Britain’s nose in the mud over this totemic issue.

Mrs May will think she can keel over on this issue too to obtain her terrible vassal state Chequers plan. She has another thing coming if she thinks British fishermen and coastal communities are going to lie down to a second sell-out that will finish most of us during the Transition.

Our hard efforts have opened our countrymens eyes to what a raw deal fishing communities have got. Fishing is now a totemic “acid test” of Brexit. Many see it as a symbol of whether Britain has truly Brexited. The CFP is seen by many nationwide as the worst of EU policies.

The Common Fisheries Policy, Quotas and mass discarding has been an environmental disaster as well as an economic and social one.

Exploitationary EU shares & EU owned/UK registered Flagships take around 80% of Britain’s resources – flattening communities.

Leaving cleanly would automatically repatriates a £6-8bn industry. This would near equal the car industry as a percentage of GDP. More seats swing on fishing and if MPs have any sense of electoral self-preservation, they now must vote down what is a blatant bad deal.

Theresa May is prepared to sell-out an industry that is 0.5% of GDP and which could be 1%, and the whole country with it, for a ransom agreement to solve a concocted problem of the Irish border which represents 0.2% of UK GDP – never has the tip of the tail wagged the dog so much.

She is away to sell-out British fishing and coastal communities out again. It is Disgraceful, Disgusting and Ted Heath Mak 2 but worse! It looks like the time to go up the Thames again.

As FFL warned a Transition means re-obeying all EU law with disastrous consequences.

We warned that Chequers and a ‘common rule book on agri-goods’ was the same dodgy wording as the Treaty of Rome which founded the CFP and would be used to demand fisheries.

Norway, Iceland, Faroe & Greenland export vast amounts of seafood to the EU. Does the EU demand and do they cave to surrendering their natural resource for market access…NO.

No other nation on earth gives up fisheries access and resources for markets…looks like the Conservatives are about to make Britain the first.

The British government and establishment have been as deliberately weak and supine as possible to cravenly remain as closely servile to the EU as possible to thwart Brexit!

It’s time MPs bucked up and ended this shambles of a sell out before the public end them.

To the public, our country men we say; – Our country and Out freedom is in peril – Defend it with all your might! HOUND AND BLUDGEON YOUR MP TO VOTE THIS DISGRACE OF A ‘DEAL’ DOWN.