SFF Had Best Come Clean On Iceland

In a recent visit to Iceland by the Scottish Fishermen’s Federation Brexit Group to familiarize themselves with Icelandic fisheries management Bertie Armstrong CEO of the SFF In an Icelandic newspaper said “We are very fond of what we have seen … Read More


SUMMARY OF STAKEHOLDERS MEETING 12th OCT. 17’ AND ANSWERS TO QUESTIONS ON FFLs PROPOSED SYSTEM OF EFFORT CONTROL At the recent stakeholders meeting there seemed to be a general concurrence by both environmental NGOs and FFL that the CFP is … Read More

Conservative Conference Condensed

Three members of Fishing for Leave spent and insightful and illuminating few days at the Conservative Party Conference. It was excellent to have a full house at the FFL fringe event and a big thank you to all delegates and … Read More

Sec. State Michael Gove on Discards At Conference

It was good to hear Secretary of State Michael Gove at Conservative Conference and a sincere thanks for his kind words to John Ashworth – the unfaltering founder of the fight to free Britain’s fishing from the EU and CFP. … Read More

Fife Producers Organisation Backs Fishing for Leave

FIFE PRODUCERS ORGANISATION BACKS FISHING FOR LEAVE In a memorandum of understanding Fife Producers Organisation backed Fishing for Leave in advancing a trial of FFLs proposed discard free effort control management system. In order to explore a system that could … Read More

Indigenous And Cultural Rights of Coastal Fishing Communities

Former Chairman of the Fishermen’s Association Ltd (FAL) and Fishing for Leave, Sandy Patience, outlines the failings of  current policy which is often ill-concieved with ideas that, although politically expedient in the short term, take no account of husbanding both … Read More

Has Thereason Mays Speech Blown Brexit?

If confirmation was ever needed that the majority of the Tory party and the globalist establishment does not want to leave the EU then Theresa Mays Speech in Florence should be it. It amounts to seeing the status quo re-badged … Read More

MPs Grave Concern On Withdrawal Bill

MP for South Thanet Craig MacKinlay highlighted in Parliament that adopting all EU laws into domestic legislation with the EU Withdrawal Bill, such as the disastrous Common Fisheries Policy (CFP), gives grave cause for concern over legal challenges from the … Read More

A Productive Meeting With CEFAS

Four members of Fishing for Leave had another successful, high-level government meeting after accepting the invitation to Lowestoft to meet with Cefas. Fishing for Leave detailed how the group’s proposed discard free British version of effort control would work. Where … Read More