FFL Interview in Le Monde

*A majority of British fishermen seem to be highly derogatory towards the European institutions. Most of them would have voted for Brexit. How do you explain that? Does this detestation  seem a legitimate greviance? The resentment is not only against … Read More

Conservatives and SNP Face Off Over Fishing

Yesterday a war of words erupted between Scots Conservative leader and the SNP when Miss Davidson visited Peterhead harbour. A leaked letter from the SFF was seized upon by the SNP, who suggested that the Secretary of State for DEFRA … Read More

Fisheries Minister and MP Cancel Newlyn Meeting

We are unhappy to announce that fisheries minister George Eustice and local MP Derek Thomas have pulled out of the meeting with local fishermen in Newlyn that had been organised by FFL. Therefore, regrettably, the meeting which was scheduled for … Read More

Experience of Faroes

A booklet on Faroes Fisheries Management by Eivind Jacobsen and Jon Kristianson is available to download by clicking the link – http://ffl.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/Days-at-Sea-Faroe-book-for-Brexit.pdf This booklet details the reasons and methods as to why the Faroe Islands uses Effort Control through a … Read More

Conservatives Must Exorcise the Surrender of British Fishing

Fishing for Leave hope the government will show electoral resolve on repatriating Britain’s fishing waters and resources that were so shamefully surrendered by Edward Heath as “expendable” in the rush to join the EEC. The government’s continued failure to rescind … Read More

Danes Threaten Hague Cod War.

Fishing for Leave blasts the Danish Governments assertions that they have historic rights to fish UK waters after Britain leave the disastrous EU Common Fisheries Policy. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2017/apr/18/denmark-to-contest-uk-efforts-to-take-back-control-of-fisheries We have reiterated to government on numerous occasions that there is no legal … Read More

Is Election the Start of a Back Track on Brexit?

FFL has a high level of Suspicion and Dismay at the Announcement of a General Election After 40years of sell outs and suffering for the industry we worry that something suspicious is going on regards Brexit within the establishment. To … Read More

British Fishermen Say Quit Quotas

A Survey by Cardiff University has been published which researched the overwhelming support for Brexit by fishermen and detailed a strong desire by the grassroots of the industry for a different approach from the heavily maligned CFP. The survey resulted … Read More

“Arguments” Against Day-at-Sea

FFL propose an hours based effort control management system as the only fit-for-purpose method of managing the UKs rich demersal mixed fisheries, as detailed in the Brexit Textbook on Fisheries. http://ffl.org.uk/product/the-brexit-textbook-on-fisheries/   HOW DAYS AT SEA WORKS & WHAT IT … Read More