Michael Gove’s comments are astonishing & disappointing.

Secretary of State Michael Gove’s comments to the Danish fishing industry are astonishing and disappointing. His comments indicate the government would allow the EU to retain the current shares of resources and access to UK waters given under the EU … Read More

Faroes Islands keep Days-at-Sea instead of Quotas

The Faroese Governments proposal to make relatively dramatic changes to the laws regulating fisheries in Faroe Islands will not go ahead. A proposal from the Government to adopt Quotas for the largest vessels in the Faroese fleet has been discussed … Read More

FFL Blasts EU Calls to Pirate Fish British Waters

The EU chief negotiator tweeted that nothing would change regards EU fishing as Britain begins the process of re-establishing her fishing rights in preparation for leaving the EU. With the head of the European Fishermens Alliances also stating that EU … Read More

Misrepresenting the London Convention

FFL Blasts Misinformation on the London Convention. Despite FFL detailing this convention there’s a huge level of false information on the ramifications of this Convention. The response of the EU and the media being deliberately misleading. The government will now … Read More

Secure All UK Waters – Letter to Lobby MP’s

Fishing for Leave recently highlighted the deliberately ambiguous wording in the Conservative manifesto regarding the text defining the extent and boundaries of the waters the UK will be fully responsible for the access and management over upon withdrawal from the … Read More

One Year On The Fight for Brexit is Unabated

A year ago today the Fishing for Leave flotilla proceeded up the Thames to the heart of our capital in London with 30 vessels in support of the campaign to free our nation from the EU.   The flotilla was … Read More

High Profile Lowestoft Meeting + Q&A

This Friday (the 16th) a seminal high profile Meeting, Debate and Q&A session is being held in Lowestoft hosted by BFP Eastern. From 1200 in The Orbis Centre, Wilde Street, Lowestoft, NR32 1XH Local MPs, UKIP Fisheries Spokesman Mike Hookem, … Read More

Michael Gove’s Appointment – 200mile Clarity Crucial

Fishing for Leave welcomes Michael Gove’s appointment as Secretary of State for Defra. FFL are happy given his family connections to fishing and his Brexit credentials and hope he does both justice. Although Defra is not Mr Gove’s previous specialty … Read More

British fishermen have had enough! – And it is going to go beyond just Denmark

Denmark’s TV2 recently came to meet fishermen at Troon in Ayrshire to find out about Brexit. http://nyheder.tv2.dk/udland/2017-06-03-britiske-fiskere-har-faaet-nok-og-det-kommer-til-at-gaa-ud-over-danmark **Translation Below** British fishermen are looking forward to Brexit. Then they can gain control over their own waters. But all of this could … Read More