Will Mrs May Sink or Swim On This “Acid Test”

Will Mrs May Sink or Swim On This “Acid Test” of Brexit The EU demand in the leaked EU Council Draft Guidelines  for the 22nd March must be slammed down by the government. The EU demands that a condition of … Read More

When Prime Minister? When?

WHEN PRIME MINISTER, WHEN? Analysis of the PMs Speech There is minor comfort to hear the Prime Minister specifically mention the words “We are leaving the Common Fisheries Policy”. These words are music to all folk in the fishing industry … Read More

Govt Transition Terms – The Beginning of the End?

The leaked (and soon after published) Government DRAFT TEXT FOR DISCUSSION: IMPLEMENTATION PERIOD detailing the Governments position on the Transition deal show a deliberate effort to fashion Brexit in name only, flying in the face of the biggest democratic instruction … Read More


REMAINERS ‘MISCONCEPTIONS’ ON CFP, BREXIT & FISHERIES “UK needs EU waters” – the EU catches 60% of the fish in UK waters – 674,000t – which the UK regains under international law of ‘zonal attachment’ upon leaving the EU & … Read More


FFL FLAG CAMPAIGN (MAK 2!) It’s now clear there is a concerted Establishment Remain campaign which threatens Brexit In Name Only. The British people need to show our patriotism for taking back control of our sovereignty and waters. Please help … Read More