An Historic Day for Our Fishing Industry

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Whether the UK’s referendum for an exit from the control of the European Union is successful or not, today, June 15th 2016, will go down in fishing industry history as the day that decent working people stood up and tried to make a difference.

Despite this wonderful display of unity in an industry often divided by the frustration of unworkable regulations being played down by the BBC as being of ‘little importance’, today marked not just a simple demonstration but a new dawn for fishermen everywhere.

Rarely have the populations of Britain’s coastal communities been able to hold their heads high in pride and say “I played a part in that historic moment” – but today, that was the case.

Every man, woman and child in every fishing port, both large and small, had an input or some sort or other in this standoff when our fishing industry finally made a statement of intent that it is no longer prepared to go on bent knee to Brussels to beg for crumbs of fish that are being taken out of our waters by other countries.

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For those who were lucky enough to be on the fishing boats that made up the impressive scenes at Tower Bridge, and those who lined the streets and bridges of London in support, a huge sense of pride was born – a sense of unity and comradeship.

And for those who could not make the journey, they still played their part by putting up posters, helping in the campaign and even by working social media throughout the day to help bring the news of the fishing industry protest to as wide an audience as possible.

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There were no ‘leaders’ in this campaign – no egos – and no individual attention seekers (apart from the rather sad sight of the aging Bob Geldof trying to ‘look cool with the kids with his IN flag) —- this was a genuine team game with every single player working his or her socks off to help.
Of course there are names that must be noted – such as organiser Aaron Brown and Allan Simpson, along with political figures who put their weight behind the Fishing for Leave campaign, such as Minister George Eustace and UKIP leader Nigel Farage — but ultimately the praise for making today’s protest such an important and dramatic moment in history is the folk in the fishing industry themselves.

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While there were some attempts to distract from the positive and peaceful nature of the FFL protest, such as the media focussing on Bob Geldof’s presence, with a group of youths reportedly hired for the day to wave IN flags, it would have taken something much more serious to detract our fishermen from the job in hand and, if nothing else, their endeavours will have brought the news of the decimation of the British fishing industry under EU control into the public debate arena. This, on the same day that Prime Minister David Cameron tried to tell Parliament (during PM Question Time) that the UK’s fishing industry was “much better off today than it was five years ago” and that “no country in the world can trade seafood with the EU without being subject to tariffs” – both of which are not just incorrect statements but are downright lies.

And so, as evening falls and the fleet of boats who gathered in the heart of London prepare to make their journeys back home, which for some will represent a 100-hour trip at sea, there is an air of pride, of achievement, of “I was there on that special day”.

To the men and women of Britain’s fishing and seafood industries, we salute you and pray that reward for your endeavours will be seen on the morning of June 24th….



















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  • Borehead

    There were no ‘leaders’ in this campaign – no egos – and no individual attention seekers (apart from the rather sad sight of the aging Bob Geldof trying to ‘look cool with the kids with his IN flag) —- this was a genuine team game with every single player working his or her socks off to help.

    Most excellent, Cormac Burke!

  • Stephen Gathergood

    Well said Cormac, and thank you for all you have done, if you are a true Briton you should vote leave for a return of sovereign powers to Westminster if you are ANTI-BRITISH then vote to stay in the Eurocratic Federal Union and live your life as in accordance to what and how you are told to.

  • Thomson’s Hankey

    Fantastic effort, thanks to all of you!

  • OldTrout

    With many thanks to you all.

  • Neville Cross

    Well done to all who participated. You have the full support of all TRUE British people.

    • Northern man


  • zipinkent

    Thanks for all you do, and for a very entertaining day on the Thames!

  • Albert Bulwinkle

    Well done people, the Livestream showed quality of your driving and parking of your fleet 🙂 , it proves Labour and the rich couldn’t give a damn about the country’s working people

  • Wayne King

    Well done all you brave people, you are all very much admired. I sincerely hope that if Geldof’s boat comes within range it’s propeller doesn’t foul a stray length of line, especially on a lively sea ;-)))

    Well done again I hope we win.

  • Kit

    Well done to you all. Made me proud.

    Only downside, I wasn’t there.

    • Hear All See All

      Me too.
      I have followed it all day on various internet sites

  • Alb Einstein

    Well done all of you! I believe the vast majority of the country is behind you. Let’s get our country and fishing waters back.

  • FJ

    Well done folks, saw several friends on those vessels. The response of Geldof was the icing on the cake. Safe journey home to you all.

  • Wayne King

    I forgot to say any one of your fisherman has more guts and spirit in his little finger than the raddled, drug addicted, self serving twat Geldof. May God always be with you.

    • Hear All See All

      Hear hear

  • 8QQ94ZMp

    Well done! Keep up the good fight, the nation respects you.

    Wish I could have been there to support this.

  • Cheeky Chappie

    Great effort and well done, you made the opposition look small.

  • Captain Chaos

    Good luck to you brave men that battle the unforgiving seas.
    We are going to do our very best to get us out of the evil EU and hopefully get your fishing rights back.

  • Neville Cross

    65 Tory MPs have now signed letter saying Osborne's position 'untenable' if he tried to force thro brexit budget— Laura Kuenssberg (@bbclaurak) June 15, 2016

  • privatesectorparasite

    Well done and thank you. x

  • Vir Brexitus

    You have the full support of this suburban land-lubber. Well done.

  • Ben Quincy

    Watched from Ireland via live stream. Go Brexit!

  • Hear All See All

    I don’t tweet etc, but want to use this opportunity to add my support for your cause. That a multi millionaire sought to muscle in on your worthy event speaks volumes to very many people who also support you all. Your industry, above all others has been decimated by the dictatorship which is EU, and abominably represented by those in parliament who should be representing you and us, but who patently aren’t. I am disappointed that I was unable to support you in person.
    I hope you all return safely to your homes around the country.
    Vote Leave

  • Scratch

    Good work guys and thank you. My descendants worked out of Newlyn in the early 1900’s. I’m sure they were with you in spirit.

    • Hear All See All

      ancesters I’m sure

  • Susan francis

    Brilliant .let’s get our fishing fleets all over the country up and running again .create
    more jobs .get rid of all this beaurocrasy from the EU ,well done nigel

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  • Max Mueller

    Hi, I’m working on behalf of Swiss daily newspaper Aargauer Zeitung. Would love to hear from frontline fishermen and -women willing to comment on Common Fisheries Policy and Brexit – please call Max on 07919 468 867

    • Cormac Burke

      Hi Max — best place to make contact with UK fishermen for comment is on the Fishing for Leave facebook group — just join the group and ask for comment and contacts and Im sure you’ll get plenty of responses — cheers, Cormac

  • Countrywatch


  • Ged Sanderson

    If it takes 2 years after BREXIT to return our waters back to the UK Fishing industry, Perhaps the government could pay some of the fishing fleet to help police / patrol the areas of the coastline where illegal migrants may try to get into UK in little boats. It could save the migrants lives and support the fishing fleet when they are not allowed to fish due to the current quota system ?

  • pirate3012

    If you’ve not read John Ashworth’s very informative booklet, it can be downloaded from

  • Eddie McGuire

    Well done! Historic achievement!